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Gregarious tidings of life’s passion – to all fellow struggling music  artists.

My, how time flies when we’re having so much fun – It’s been nearly seven years since digital downloads started to really happen.  I refer to JJ Coo’s rant at circa 2005.

Prior to that – people actually did sell their physical CD’s in various places to some degree including me. With sites like iTunes and Amazon – you still can sell your CD in digital format or physical CD’s  although the greatest challenge remains to be ‘getting seen & heard’, especially on iTunes & Amazon with thousands of products to wade through.

Funny how the record business has evolved to all these on-line sites making big bucks – yet the most of the artists out there are still digging dirt and eating worms (figuratively speaking, that is).

What they (the on-line entrepreneurs) do successfully is charge us each a basic fee to ‘get listed’ in their on-line store. One of the pioneers of this format was Derek Sivers who is in my opinion a pretty decent and fair guy. I signed up with CD Baby back in the beginning and still respect the way they treat the artists. A lot more so than some of the corporate giants I need not name. BUT – they too have grown into a mega corp and it’s difficult to be featured or get a write up/review.

Notwithstanding, I am still personally in favor of most of the various on-line opportunities out there, although most of us artists simply get lost in the shuffle – even if you have great music on iTunes, Amazon, and the newer ones like Google’s Android for mobile, if people don’t know about you – you’re essentially out a luck to get seen & heard.

So, I must refer back to the early film industry  and look at the history of what artists did.

United Artists officially began on February 5, 1919 formed by Douglas Fairbanks, D. W. Griffith. Mary Pickford, and Charles Chaplin. The idea for the venture originated with Fairbanks, Chaplin, Pickford, and cowboy star William S. Hart.  The original terms called for Pickford, Fairbanks, Griffith and Chaplin to produce five pictures each year.  But by the time the company got under way in 1920-1921,  feature-films were becoming more expensive and more polished;  running times had expanded to around ninety minutes. It was soon clear that times had changed and no one could produce and star in five films a year. The story goes on much further and United Artists certainly had it’s share of problems along the way – but also had some amazing successes that are applicable in today’s fragmented music market. The basic concept of pooling resources is in my opinion a worthy mechanism to explore. UA eventually became a public stock corporation and made some real success along the way.

According to Google Analytics – over six million people search globally for new music every month.  So, the $64,000 question is… “How do I get seen & heard”

basic answer: strategic marketing.

I invite you to respond and exchange dialog & ideas as I truly believe that a select group of “united artists” can prevail and reach our audiences.

many cheers

Tomy Gunn, artist-writer-producer


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