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Twitter – the New Venue for Artists & Entertainers

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Cruising the sunny skies of Twitter just may be the magic touch for many of the talented people out there trying to get connected with their audience.

Twitter is one of the few social networks that make this proposition a potential reality and it’s a simple and straight forward means of making friends on-line and networking.

It is unclear just how well this may or may not work but it certainly Twitter will increase one’s internet visibility if implemented properly. A basic word of caution is to avoid spamming and adhere to Twitter’s Terms of Use. A good source I found for the ‘Rules of the Road’ is; This is straight forward advice that can help keep you in  good standing with the powers that be in Twitter land.

One of the newer trends in on-line promotions is CROWD FUNDING –  This new phenomenon is about three years old now designed to raise funding on-line to promote your creative project.  Besides creative projects like movies and music, it has exploded into other areas of entrepreneurial pursuits such as company ‘startups’ with a good idea or product with some level of initial track record of success. Magazine published an informative article in it’s November 2011 edition titled Comparison Of Crowdfunding Websites. that states, “Artists, filmmakers, and musicians flock to sites like Kickstarter to raise cash for their projects. Now, entrepreneurs are getting into the game”.

In short – these Crowdfunding websites now offer a variety of platforms and generally take a small percentage of the funds actually raised on-line – like 5% or so.

If you are a band, a songwriter-artist, or filmmaker this may be something for you to investigate. Be sure to read all the details and the fine print of each web site and decide for yourself.

Personally I have mixed feelings about the vast number of on-line music promotional web sites that are literally making millions of dollars on struggling artists hopes and dreams.  That’s not to say that they don’t serve a vital need and I’m not pointing fingers at a particular one – but they are not hard to find. Some of the original players in the on-line promotional  arena were companies like Orchard and Music Taxi that purported to place songs or music for film and TV or promote an artist or band who’s seeking a recording contract with a major (or minor) label – I’m not sure where any of them stand in the reality of today’s playing field as literally dozens of companies have jumped into the business of on-line music artist promotion and on-line radio platforms.

Twitter, on the other hand offers anyone and everyone essentially they same level playing field to gain mass exposure to a potential two hundred million Tweeters and find their nitch audience, and it is basically free if you play by the Twitter published rules and regulations.

There’s more to this as well as you’ll undoubtedly run across many people and companies who will claim to help ‘find you followers’ with their APP or by some fee they personally charge. I saw one individual with over 80,000 followers offer to Tweet your Twitter name for a  $5.00 dollar fee per Tweet. Again, beware that you don’t violate Twitter’s User Policy.

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