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What women want! Science says amorous music sparks rapture

Amorous music & color textures have seductive & aphrodisiac qualities associated with women

Is ESP truly part of knowing the ‘unknown’ or primal perception? The definition of extrasensory perception is the supposed ability of certain individuals to obtain information without the use of normal sensory channels. It’s also called clairvoyance, telepathy, second sight, and further suggests the possibility of  a woman’s 6th sense!winged_couple_6351111_f260

You may not be surprised to know that human beings do in fact respond on a subconscious, primal, intuitive, mental & emotional level to sound textures, colors, and spatial vibrations.

I embrace the ideation that ‘hot’ has something to do with male & female energy – Some of the music in my recent music-video  on MTV  conveys this passion & energy with greater reason than anything to do with the summer season. It’s about the ardor embodied in what some people refer to when something they ‘like’ is considered ‘hot’.  Anyone can have their sensuous look & body language that says, “I’m HOT!”  It’s a primal energy that bequeaths natural attraction between the sexes spanning time immemorial. I see it all the time with the dogs that run the beach. Some think they’re ‘hot’ until another bigger,better looking dog jumps into the mix.
I mentioned in my CD liner notes about the folklore & myths surrounding the Hawaiian Goddess ‘Pele’- (Kilauea) known as the Goddess of fire, lightening, creative passion and purpose – professed to characterize this fiery male energy.

KnightOfWandscdThe ancient Tarot cards characterize the suit of Wands as a passionate male energy depicted as a Greek phallus (synonymous with the penis).  The Knight of  Wands in Tarot Cards seeks passion, adventure and romance.  I wrote an article for Escape from America magazine to this effect. I imagined myself the elusive balladeer from yore lost in the land of smiles as a modern day (or night) Wand riding in on his horse with phallus & wallet in hand, rearing up in intensity on an audacious quest for adventure & intrigue.

Jah_Phon_Andaman_IsleAfter the dust settled I took it even further by documenting the ordeal producing an indie docudrama rock fantasy adventure HD movie now on Amazon on the subject that expounds further on the perils of such ludicrous behavior. The music-video, DO WE GOT IT GOIN ON? currently on MTV is from the movie. I can look back now & laff but at the time it sucked. Nevertheless, the Ryder-Waite Knight’s face bears the determination of one bound to succeed and the plumes from his’ helmet and decorative tassels hanging from his back and arms are the colour of red flames and he wears a shirt covered with the symbol of the fiery salamander. His attributes are energy, passion, lust, action, adventure, and impulsiveness!

God_BacchusIn Greek mythology, the God Bacchus was believed to have been extremely physically attractive and to have had many romantic encounters with mortals, Satyrs, and nymphs.

In Rome, Bacchus’ passionate impulses, as well as his association with wine & revelry were celebrated at secret festivals called Bacchanalia. In ‘pop-culture’, Bacchus is sometimes referred to as the god of college students & teens with assumption toward this age group for drinking and parties.

Some recent scientific studies hypothesize that certain sound textures and colors can have a seductive and aphrodisiac effect on females. If we associate a certain type of sound texture and color with a meal for example, i.e. a candlelight dinner & romantic music this concept begins to make perfect sense.

Why?  It’s is a scientific fact that color and sound affect people both physically and emotionally. Perhaps it’s in our DNA or primal instincts. In terms of music and musicianship, I can easily relate to certain enigma that further support this concept.

Take for example the guitar sounds of  Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, Gabor Szabo and echoing refrains of  the grandfather of guitar, Les Paul.

Les_Paul_playsJimmy_Page_playsclapton_playsCarlos_Santana_playsGabor Szabo_playsEach of these master guitarists played alluring textures that conveyed emotions that touched people and no doubt they also noticed the subtle seductive effect their sound textures had on women in their audiences. By keeping this notion abstruse, they each had a unique albeit exclusive advantage that turned female audiences from fans into customers. A recent psychological study conducted by the University de Bretagne-Sud in France concluded that “Women are attracted to men with guitars.”  Perhaps these women equate the guitar neck as a Phallus?

Likewise, the scientific community recognizes that music is a “special universal language” that can readily influence others. The right music can make you happy, angry, sad, and produce many other emotions on demand.

Music is a complex acoustic and temporal structure that induces a large variety of emotional responses in listeners. Put simply, music can affect a person’s behavior and mood. Scientific investigations show that basic human emotions; such as adulation, happiness, anger, rage, fear, and sadness can all be created by musical stimuli. This also reveals just how often our thoughts and actions are deliberately seized and taken over by others using subtle tone and color “cues” for manipulative and agenda-driven purpose.  Remember the Beatles played tracks backwards in the studio purportedly to embed profound subliminal messages? If you don’t believe this,  you should at least be aware that music is often used to influence the amount of time that you spend in a mall. Stores that target older audiences play easy listening elevator music of old familiar songs, whilst stores that target younger audiences tend to play upbeat music at a higher volume. This is done deliberately to enhance the likelihood that shoppers will stay longer and spend more money. With the holiday season coming – you’ll be sure to get you fair share of Jingle Bells, Silent Night, and White Christmas. I love the holiday season but also recognize it’s a time of loneliness and despair for some people.

The classic 19th Century German composer Richard Wagner who was a titan of classical music with powerful movements of dark orchestrations that many have tried to mimic in dramatic film scoring. Wagner’s music was dynamic, commanding and influential which attracted Adolf Hitler as his ‘Knight’. Wagner’s epic operas exerted a strong influence oWagner-hitlern the genre, however, there was another side to the Wagner legacy – the composer’s virulent anti-Semitism. Wagner expressed his anti-Semitism in his infamous essay; “The Jews in Music” published in 1869 under the composer’s signature. In explaining why he wrote the essay, Wagner presaged Hitler’s view that the Jews control newspapers and other media. Wagner also bequeathed to Hitler the belief that Jews were controlling society. He explained that his essay, “a needful light on this yoke of the ruling Jew-society in its crushing-out of all free movement, of all true human evolution, among its kith and kin.”

Wagner further  expressed the familiar view of Jewish control of finance: “The Jew rules, and will rule, so long as Money remains the power before which all our doings and our dealings lose their force.” Suffice to say, we know today that Jews are ‘our friends’ and would never do such a thing in the modern world and Wagner’s legacy has survived the test of time as a monumental and influential classic composer.

On a ‘brighter note’ – Guys like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson have all caused women to ‘swoon’ with just the Sinatra_youngtone of their voice. Although this is not a new observation, nobody has ever taken a closer look at exactly why these singers had such a profound effect on women. They say women threw their panties at young ‘blue eyes’, Frankie.

The point should be made that most men seek cherished relationships with women who likewise seek respectful men in their lives.  Finding and nurturing a healthy romantic relationship takes work, perseverance, diligence, dedication and don’t forget . . . strategy guys. Women want to be, pampered, seduced, romanced and, let’s just say – they want it all! Elvis_guitar

If you think you can woo a lady with a boom-box and a spin through  a fast food joint – you’re surely in for a rude awakening because womenof substance are masters of intuition & possess that amazing “sixth sense”. They know what they like and what they want and what you want. Guys who don’t understand this simple concept fail over and over in the romance department, Others just seem to forget what solidified their relationship with their once sweetheart now wife in the first place.

So, to re-kindle that flame – one needs the knowledge and foresight to recreate the mood, energy, and spark of animal Michael_Jacksonattraction without being a dog. There has been a slew of fad music genres, singers, bands and today with internet, YouTube, computers, and mobile music,. There’s way too much to even categorize much less remember, yet not too many great new love songs or singer-songwriters who skillfully convey this basic emotion and intangible attraction & energy that constitutes the “right stuff” to make it happen in the romance department.  The super-star s that commanded so much adulation in reality, had inglorious love lives. The adage, money can’t buy you love is probably true – but money helps if for nothing else you can give her a keepsake that says, I love you over & over.

Tomy GunnAs for the ladies – I wish you rainbows & resilience in your amorous quests & dedicate that elusive magnetic energy in these new songs to each of you! As for my musical mentors, I hope to meet each of you in rock n roll heaven one day – but for now, I’m still LIVING IT UP, ONE ON ONE for the MAGIC OF THE MOMENT  playing the  CARDS OF OUR LIVES because I BELIEVE IN YOU when I hear your VOICE IN MY HEAD

Tomy Gunn, Islandelights Music, Hawaii USA


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Liars range from respected politicians to basic scum bags

Cover art image - Tomy Gunn Islandelights

LIES is scheduled for release April 21st 2012

The new song release titled LIES is an upbeat rock reggae-pop jam written& performed by island singer-songwriter, Tomy Gunn and dedicated to all who have been played for a fool by someone who they cared about.

I’d personally would like to believe that most people are honest are forthright in the things they say & do – but of course some people will tell you anything when it comes to love or money.
The old saying goes “what goes around comes around”, so you can rest assured that who ever played you for a fool will ultimately reap their karma. 

There are many levels of manipulative liars in this life ranging from the most respected politicians to the lowest level scum bags and those who fit in between the lines. The lesson here is ‘respect yourself and move on to higher ground’ and those good people you cross paths with will respect you for who you really are 🙂  

I’ve been a busy boy in the recording studio finishing this new song, ‘LIES’. We’ve all known at least one big liar who talks the talk but ends up to be blowing a lot of smoke in your ear. Well hark, ‘LIES’ is dedicated to all of you who are officially ‘free to cruise & free to choose’. ‘LIES’ is slated for release on iTunes April 21st – the new moon and a good time for ‘planting new seeds’;

“Although things around you may not seem perfect, there is a sensual beauty to the situation. Flow with it! Move to the rhythms of nature and your heart. They are one!” – unknown –
There is a preview MP3 clip on my Official Web Site’  . . . and  YES, I do believe in the universe and the laws of nature – so don’t fret about LIES . . .  flow with it like the rhythms of nature 🙂  
Hope you like the song and please pass it on through your social networks and take heed in the message to all – dance – trance – romance – and take another chance! Life’s too short – Live & Love – enjoy today!

yours truly,

Tomy Gunn
Bali Lau Entertainment Media – Islandelights Music

song preview link:

lyrics: Lies by Tomy Gunn

– LIES –
Won’t let nobody play a game on me
been there done that, won’t let it be
what goes round comes back in the end
never knowing where the fortune wheel ends

free to choose, free to cruise
climbing a mountain, cross over the sea
soaring through the heavens like a shooting star
my spirit is free.

Not play’n a game not fooling around
got my feet on the ground head in the clouds
not play’n a game not fooling around
look into my eyes, don’t tell me no lies . . .

Now I won’t take love too seriously
when the moment takes my breath away
words of wisdom, voice of experience
love is only crazy,
when we make the same mistakes

free to choose, free to cruise
climbing a mountain, cross over the sea
soaring through the heavens like a shooting star
my spirit is free.

Not play’n a game not fooling around
got my feet on the ground head in the clouds
not play’n a game not fooling around
look into my eyes, don’t tell me no lies . . .

Makes no sense one way or the other
the story keeps changing from one day to another
no good reason for the things you says and do
it only makes a big liar out of you . . .

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